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Important Information: Things you Need to Know


  • April 16th – Academic Awards Ceremony
  • May 2nd - Outdoor Movie Night
  • May 8th - Field Day (K5-5th)
  • May 20th - Sports Awards Ceremony


The Osceola Center for the Arts has awarded the following COLCA students:
  • Olivia Foster, 10th
    1st Place
  • Kevin Persyns, 3rd
    2nd Place
  • Kaylee Harkema, 4th
    3rd Place
  • Emma Lytle, 7th
    3rd Place
  • Hannah Moreno, 9th
    3rd Place
  • Rayna Johnston, 11th
    3rd Place
Congratulations! We are so proud of you all!!

to COLCA's
clear ceremony
Wednesday, April 16th during Chapel.



COLCA is excited about 15 years of accreditation!
 April 12th-15th
an external review committee will be on campus to see the amazing aspects of the academy!

We’d like to honor the external review team:

  1. Dr. Dennis Demuth
  2. Gene Oborny
  3. Tina Stelogeannis
  4. Joy losey
  5. Cas Castillo
  6. Trandy Birch
  7. Philip Klehm

Madison Radcliff, Grade 4, was nominated by Mrs. Clark. Madison is such a sweet girl. Her personality is very bubbly and she loves to speak up about her thoughts. Madison is very well behaved and treats others the way she would want to be treated.

Jorge Sical, Grade 6, was nominated by Mrs.Sullivan. Jorge is a quiet, well-behaved young man. His work is on time and done with excellence. Jorge's teachers enjoy his determination to accomplish the tasks set before him. His friendly nature contributes to a positive environment in the classroom.

Melanie Rodriguez, Grade 9, was nominated by Mr. Warren. Melanie is a wonderful addition to this school. Her attitude is always kind and honoring. Melanie is polite to her teachers and a great friend to her classmates. She works hard and is determined to be a great student.

Congratulations to all students of the week!

To find out more about what COLCA can offer your child, view a short video about COLCA or call us at 407-847-5184 between 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.