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Important Information: Things you Need to Know

Elementary: Brooke Nicholson in 4th grade was nominated by Mrs. Bogen. Brooke is quiet, kind, sweet, and obedient. She is always on task and a hard worker. She is an awesome prayer warrior and is a treasure to teach!

Middle School: Juliana Parris in 8th grade was nominated by Mrs. Smith. Juliana exudes kindness and joy. She is warm and welcoming to classmates, and is a friend to anyone who needs one. We love you Juliana!

High School: Dani Gagnon in 12th grade was nominated by Mrs. Flippo. Dani has attended COLCA since 8th grade. She is sweet and funny and brings joy to the classroom and other students. We love having her here!

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Congratulations to our Lady Warriors!!!
2014 Volleyball District Champs!

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