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COLCA Student Krizia Cornejo, Receives scholarship from Colby Community COllege.

Krizia Cornejo signed for a volleyball scholarship with Colby Community College in Kansas for the 2015-16 academic school year at chapel. Her family and Dr. Harkema for this special signing accompanied her

MAY 29:
12th Graduation
@ 7pm

5th Graduation
@ 7pm

8th Graduation
@ 7pm

K5 Graduation
@ 7pm

OPEN ENROLLMENT2015 - 2016 Call COLCA at 407-47-5184 to set up an interview.

STEP UP FOR STUDENTS2015 - 2016 New families may apply at stepupforstudents.org. Renewal families must finish applications by April 30th to receive scholarship.

Garrett Puckett (5th)Garrett is a very respectful young boy. He is easy to get along with and very friendly to all of his classmates. He loves Jesus and is a great example of a hard-working COLCA student. Way to go Garrett!

S P A R K S Girls This week all the girls involved in SPARKS were rewarded student of the week for their service to this school from cleaning the bus to hosting a breakfast for the teachers:

Isabella Pinero, Ariana Peralta, Brianna Christie, Savannah Smith, Chloe Habibzadegan, Patricia Garcia, Emma Lytle, Faith Lytle, Adi Lyons, Alejandra Delgado, Allie Canora, Ashley Christensen, Hannah Moreno.

Congratulations to all students of the week!

To find out more about what COLCA can offer your child, view a short video about COLCA or call us at 407-847-5184 between 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.